Application Guidance

Strong applications will clearly articulate the following elements of their venture:

  • Problem and Solution: Have you identified an important and unmet need, paired with a compelling solution that addresses the problem? What insight can you provide for where the world is heading, and through your concept or venture, in what ways might you be moving in another direction that represents a better* future for more people? (*easier, more sustainable, faster, etc.) For some prizes, this includes a clear description of the minimum viable product or working prototype.
  • Addressable market and distinctive market position: What is your addressable market, and how big is it? How are you poised to serve this audience (and compete with other businesses)?
  • Business Model and Customer Acquisition: What is the plan to acquire new customers or users, distribute the product or service, and generate revenue. What are the current metrics on month-to-month growth and traction (if pre-growth, what is your plan to measure and scale the business)?
  • Quality of Team: Who is helping you build your vision? What makes them a dedicated and creative founding team with the experience or skill-sets to succeed?

A Minimum Viable Product, as defined by Eric Reis (the author of Lean Startup), is a version of a new product or service (e.g., product design/sketch, wireframe, demo video, landing page) that will allow your team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.

If you are applying for a prize that requires an MVP, we encourage you to visit the following resources:

Nevada Resources

Clark County Business License

500 S. Grand Central Pkwy. 3rd Floor Box 551810

Las Vegas, NV. 89155

Phone: (702) 455-4252



City of Las Vegas

495 S. Main St. Las Vegas, NV. 89101



City of North Las Vegas 

2250 Las Vegas Blvd. North North Las Vegas, NV. 89030

Phone: (702) 633-1520



City of Henderson 

240 Water St. Henderson, NV. 89015

Phone: (702) 267-1730



Boulder City 

401 California Ave. Boulder City, NV. 89005

Phone: (702) 293-9244



City of Mesquite 

10 E. Mesquite Blvd. Mesquite, NV. 89027

Phone: (702) 346-2835 x 3305 6


Jurisdiction Locator

This resource will indicate the jurisdiction in which the address entered is located.  Enter an address and click ‘Validate’

The jurisdiction retrieved will be one of the following:

a. Clark County if the address is in unincorporated Clark County.

b. Las Vegas

c. North Las Vegas

d. Henderson

e. other corresponding city’s name 


State Business License: If you wish to start a business you need to obtain a business license through the State of Nevada, Secretary of State’s Office. You will first need to decide your business entity typically either a Sole Proprietor, General Partnership, LLC or Corporation. About 70% of small businesses open as an LLC. You may want to speak with an attorney prior to deciding which entity is best for you. The cost for a Sole Proprietor and General Partnership business license is $200.00 per year. An LLC and a 4 Corporation business license cost $400.00 per year. You can apply for your business license online at You will need to create an account and then follow the steps. Go to select Start Your Business and then select Start Your Business (online wizard). SilverFlume is a great resource for starting a business. Please review their FAQ section, which answers many common questions of potential small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Special Permits: In addition to city and county licenses, certain types of occupations are required to obtain special state licenses. Below is a list of licensing agencies to contact for more information.


State Contractors Board

2310 Corporate Circle, Ste. 200 Henderson, NV. 89074

Phone: (702) 486-1100



Public Transportation Permits Nevada Transportation Service Authority

2290 South Jones Blvd., Ste. 110 Las Vegas, NV. 89146

Phone: (702) 486-3303



Eldercare/Other Care Related

Business State of Nevada, Department of Human Resources Bureau of Licensure

4220 South Maryland Pkwy., Ste. 810 Las Vegas, NV. 89119

Phone: (702) 486-6515



Childcare Licensing Information

4220 South Maryland Pkwy., Ste. 810, Bldg. D. Las Vegas, NV. 89119

Phone: (702) 486-6515

Web: Childcare_Contactinfo.htm


Air Quality Permits

Air Quality & Environmental Management Government Center, 1st Floor 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV. 89155

Phone: (702) 455-5942

Web: Restaurants/Food Service


Clark County Health District Plan Review

P.O. Box 3902 Las Vegas, NV. 89127

Phone: (702) 759-0588 7


Workers Compensation: If you decide to hire employees you will also be required to obtain Workers Compensation Insurance, contact your business insurance agent for further details or contact the Division of Industrial Relations at

Along with Workers Compensation Insurance you will need to consider other insurance needs. If you plan to use your personal vehicle to operate your business you will need business insurance on your vehicle. I would recommend contacting an insurance broker for the requirements for your type of business.

Unemployment Insurance: You will need to pay unemployment insurance through the Nevada State Employment Security Division at (702) 486-0250 or online at http:

Labor Laws: You will be need to be in compliance with local state labor laws, for more information visit the Office of the Labor Commissioner at or at (702) 486-2650.

Incentives for Employers: Silver State Works through Nevada JobConnect. Employers can get up to $2,000.00 per employee in incentive reimbursements or training allowances for new hires. For more 10 information visit or at (702) 486-0129 in Southern Nevada or (775) 284-9660 in Northern Nevada, or email at

Nevada Business Ecosystem Chart

Nevada Business Ecosystem Chart

The Ecosystem Chart offers a high-level orientation to the categories of business resources available in the state.  It highlights federal, state and local government resources, as well as private sector resources. View the chart as is, or download the PDF and click the interactive links while connected to the internet (the names of entities cited in the PDF are linked to their respective websites).

Nevada Business Roadmap

Nevada Business Roadmap

The Roadmap: Guide to Starting and Growing a Business in Nevada is an interactive PDF covering 15 essential topics for those thinking of starting and growing a business in Nevada.  Download the Guide and use it while connected to the internet. Navigate the document by clicking topics on the included Road Map. Among other things, the Guide has a licensing page with a clickable state map to connect people to local and regional business resources. With hundreds of links, the Guide simplifies the process of learning what’s needed and who to talk to.

Additional Resources

SBA:  Since the agency was founded, SBA has expanded the help it provides. SBA’s programs now include help with management, as well as financial and federal contract procurement. SBA provides specialized outreach to women, minorities, and armed forces veterans. SBA loans are available to victims of natural disasters. The agency also offers specialized advice and support in international trade.

SBA was created to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the nation’s economy. We remain committed to that goal. In our 2022-2026 strategic plan, SBA describes:

  • How we will help ensure that our program delivery is equitable, customer-centric and supports small businesses and innovation
  • Strategies for building resilient businesses and a sustainable economy
  • A plan for managing its technology and human resources for greater impact


Ascent: A learning platform for women entrepreneurs.

Ascent is divided into major topics called Journeys, developed by experts in women’s entrepreneurship. Choose any journey to start, skip the ones you already know.

Within each Journey, you’ll find Excursions with the tools you need to master a topic. Each excursion includes a time estimate for completion. You’re the boss of when and how to apply these tools to your business.

MBDA: The U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is the only federal agency solely dedicated to the growth and global competitiveness of minority business enterprises.


MBDA Programs:

MBDA invests in a national network of MBDA Business Centers, Specialty Centers, and Grantees.  Our programs offer customized business development and industry-focused services to provide greater access to capital, contracts and markets.


MBDA Pilot Projects:

  • Entrepreneurship in American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Communities (AIANNH)
  • Entrepreneurship Education for Former Incarcerated Persons
  • Inner-City Innovation
  • Enterprising Women of Color
  • MBE Equity Multiplier Project
  • Entrepreneurship at Minority Colleges and Universities

The Department of Business & Industry is Nevada’s one-stop resource for starting, growing and regulating business in Nevada. B&I is a far-reaching organization supporting everything from small business funding, to first-time home buying, to mine safety.

Department Overview

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